2018 Scotiabank StairClimb for United Way - 2018 Scotiabank StairClimb for United Way

Scotiabank StairClimb for United Way – Unleash your Everyday Hero!

Welcome to the 23rd annual Scotiabank StairClimb. This year, we are donning our superhero capes in the name of building opportunity and hope for local people and families. Do you have a super-power? Known super-powers include:

  • Raising donations faster than a speeding bullet
  • Assembling super friends and family into powerful pledge raising teams for good
  • Super emailing your network to seek pledges for your climb

Do you have a power we haven’t heard about? 
Share it with us at @unitedwayemca



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Together, we improve lives locally!

When you use your super-pledge collecting powers for United Way you are improving local people’s lives right here at home. Now that’s a super-power!